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The Powerful Benefits of Physical Activity

At White Picket Fence Counseling Center, we talk a lot about the mind-body connection. Science has shown us that cultivating a positive attitude and peaceful thoughts can actually bring about physical healing.

Can it go the other way? Can increasing your physical activity help to ease your mind and calm your thoughts? Absolutely!

In moving the body, there’s an internal movement that happens at the same time. We feel more whole and well. We come back into our bodies with more physical energy and the stamina to keep up with our daily tasks or add new ones. It just plain feels good (thanks to the release of endorphins – those happy brain chemicals) and helps us be more optimistic.

If strength training is one of the right physical activities for you, you may notice that as you grow stronger physically you also start feeling stronger about your sense of self. It’s a beautiful thing.

These are just a few of the many mental, emotional and physical benefits of incorporating healthy movement into your life. Which ones have you noticed? Which ones would you add?