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Obstacles to Growth

It’s May, and you know what that means -- it’s time for spring cleaning. 
It’s time to take inventory of the good-for-you things in life and remove obstacles to your personal growth. Create space so you can easily open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you. Refine your skills at nurturing the peace within.
How to create this space? Start with removing the weeds, trimming the branches making way for fresh, new growth. It’s helpful to physically clear clutter in your dwelling. Begin with brief periods of time dedicated to mindful de-cluttering of a drawer. Notice how that feels…and if you are encouraged by this action, carry on!
Clearing physical clutter can sometimes parallel internal “mind clutter.” What’s bugging you? What’s missing from your life? Is anything holding you back from being who you hoped to be? What’s keeping you from becoming a brilliant flower in life’s garden? 
Here are some steps:
  • List 3 -5 thoughts that seem to be taking over
  • Share each one with a supportive person or therapist (ask that they simply listen without feedback or advice)
  • Take one cleansing action in your physical space
  • Be near flowers (Leu Gardens or your garden, a bouquet of flowers, or a picture of a flower)
  • Do something for someone else (random act of kindness)
  • Take a quiet time and set your intention to move into that "action space"
Just as a flower needs sunshine and rain, it needs the proper nutrients and nurturing to grow, bloom, blossom, and thrive. It’s time to dispose of unneeded vines in your life that may be choking you and inhibiting your ability to renew and recognize your true beauty. It’s the time to pull the weeds and nurture your inner flower with the revitalizing nutrients.
Make way for beauty…
YOU have that peace within