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Is Your Home a Haven?

In this stressful world, we all need a haven. And for many of us, the home can be that place. As important as it is to do the inner work of healing from an eating disorder or food addiction, the physical environment around us can go a long way to establish and protect our serenity.

I'm someone who happens to be influenced by my surroundings. I make very conscious choices about things like lighting, color, flow and furniture placement. When it's feels right, I feel calm and peaceful in my home. When it's not bringing me the serenity I relish, it can be somewhat jarring or even unsettling.

In fact, my first career was helping people design their comfortable and soothing home. I worked with each individual or family to pull together the right combination of elements that would give them a haven at the end of the day.

Though I no longer provide this as a professional service, I'm still passionate about designing peaceful spaces. I loved being able to do this at the White Picket Fence Counseling Center, creating a welcoming and comfortable space where our clients can feel safe and supported.

We'll be exploring the theme of "the home as a haven" for the rest of the month. Feel free to send your comments or questions – I'd love to hear from you. We're also planning a workshop on this topic. If you would like to attend, please visit to request the details.