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We Are All Connected

Eating disorders and food addiction rob people of a sense of connection – with other people, with their own bodies and with themselves. They may read things about self-care, like "treat your body like a temple," or "love yourself" or "you are a treasure." But none of it seems real.
I believe there is a natural energy that flows through the universe, between people, within us and from whoever or whatever we see as a "Higher Power". But for people struggling with food issues, it can seem like that flow is blocked. Here are some ways to release it.
Physical blocks
Even simple changes to your vitamin regime can have a huge impact, along with healthy eating, moderate exercise, along with rest. Your physician and/or dietician can help.
Emotional blocks
It's important to release old negative thought patterns, as well as feelings or people who are toxic. One of the reasons that making amends is such a central part of the 12-step process is because until you do, you carry all of those bad feelings inside.
Time blocks
Stress, multi-tasking, and rushing all zap your energy. You can still be productive and committed, while being more focused and present for what you truly want to be doing. For example, we (as part of EDNCF and White Picket Fence Counseling Center) recently raised more than $18,000 on the NEDA walk. It was a huge success and it was also a monumental effort.
But even though I was so busy, it wasn't draining – I chose to do it because it was meaningful to me. And that's very empowering. So when you get a request for your time, check in with yourself about whether it's something you really want to do. Also, look at what you can release from your calendar that is no longer meaningful to you. Don't forget to block off your ME time, to make sure you have something to give.
Relationship blocks
Speaking of giving, that's another way to rebuild your connection to others. Sharing your knowledge or having an intimate conversation with someone can feel really gratifying. We get energy from our intimate relationships and it creates the sense of neighborhood that doesn't always exist naturally in our communities anymore.
But so you don't block up your time flow again, be sure to put some boundaries in place when you get together with friends or offer help. Let's say you want to help someone move – great! Let them know what time you'll arrive and also what time you have to leave. No one can read your mind, and an unspoken assumption can lead to misunderstandings, resentment and hurt feelings all around. 

Addressing all of these energy blocks can also open the connection to whatever or whoever you think of as your Higher Power.