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Staying present, staying connected

This month our theme has been connection. Making a social connection during meals is extremely important for people who are recovering from an eating disorder. For too long, food has been a private affair, something that separates you from others.
Eating is often accompanied by loud, disturbing inner messages – harsh judgments about how you are eating, what you are eating, how you look and how you feel.
In a very special workshop on November 2nd, you can join us to explore the practice of mindful eating. As Susan Albers, PsyD, writes in her book Eating Mindfully, "When you are mindful you are fully present, in-the-moment without judgment."
Mindful eating is a powerful first step towards developing a healthier relationship with food and mealtime, so that you can bring yourself fully to the table and have meaningful connections with friends and loved ones.
Please click here for more information about the workshop. For an even richer experience, bring along a friend or family member so you can continue this practice together in the future.