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Featured Resource

Remember the HOPE, Inc. video we talked about last month? There is a preview video you can watch at It includes a video with HOPE, Inc. founder Allison Kreiger Walsh, where she tells some of her own story of recovery from an eating disorder.

Have you ever noticed the difference between hearing someone talk about their own recovery, versus hearing an "expert"? While the experts can give excellent guidance and support, most people feel an almost instant connection with a mentor or speaker who has had a similar experience.

When you're traveling the journey of recovery, be sure to surround yourself with allies who can relate to what you're going through. These may be:

  • Mentors who are a bit farther along the path and offer their time and experience to help you (e.g., a sponsor in a 12-step program such as
  • Buddies who are going through a similar phase of recovery (even when you're struggling yourself, you can help someone else)
  • Speakers or authors who share their stories of inspiration and hope

Speaking of speaking, our Stories from the Living Room series is starting up again in the Fall. We're looking for people to share their successful recovery stories in an informal setting where other people can gain hope and inspiration. If you're interested in being a speaker, please schedule a free 30-minute check-in session so we can talk about whether this might be a good fit for you.

Please also watch for details and dates so you can come out and be inspired by these living room sessions.

Here are some more online resources about mentoring: