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Upcoming events and recommended resources:

At the White Picket Fence Counseling, Center, we chose our building specifically because it feels like a home, and we are committed to creating that kind of space here. To continue that vision, we will soon be launching a special series of workshops called "Stories from the Living Room." Here, we will welcome overeaters, individuals with anorexia and bulimia, friends and family members to gather together and listen to one speaker tell her or his story about recovery from an eating disorder. If you are interested in attending a workshop like this or sharing your recovery story, contact Sandee Nebel at
NEW! coming soon...
Stories from the Living Room
Clutter and Emotional Eating
Summer Group for Young Adult Overeaters (ages 18-30ish)
Restaurant Experience for Overeaters
Ongoing groups and popular workshops...
Emotional Eating Recovery Group (Thursday evening - six weeks)
Compulsive Overeating  and Food Addiction Group (every other Tuesday evening)
Anorexia and Bulimia Recovery Group (Tuesdays at 5pm - six weeks)
Monthly Maintenance Eating Disorder Rleapse Prevention Group
Relapse Prevention and Maintainers Group - Overeating and Food Addiction - Monthly
Dining Out - Eating Disorders - meets monthly (through Nutritional Guidance)
Expressive Arts Workshops
Family and Friends Workshops


And online, you will soon be able to participate in The Spirit of Change, a 21-day spritiual journaling experience. Maybe you've been reading about the power of journaling in our newsletter and you want to make use of it yourself, or maybe you're already using a food journal but you'd like to expand your writing. Either way, these daily journaling prompts will get you started and keep you going—just long enough to form the positive habit in your own life. Watch your Inbox for more information soon!