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Upcoming events

Expressive Arts Workshops (Music, Collage, Guided Imagery) - we are bringing these back as soon as the days are a bit cooler!

Eating Disorder Recovery Group - Anorexia and Bulimia - Women with eating disorders 18+ (Currently starting a waiting list for this group)

Mom's of Individuals with Eating Disorders Workshop - With dietitian and counselor as facilitators

Relapse Prevention Group for Emotional Overeating - Monthly group for those in maintenance and action stages of recovery

Relapse Prevention Group for Eating Disorders - led by dietitian and counselor - now registering

Teen Esteem:  A Group for Teen Girls - new group forming!

Emotional Overeating Groups - Two evening groups offered - accepting names for waiting lists

Change Your Thinking - New monthly workshop series - the workshop on cognitive distortions was a success and we are making it into a series so you can really work on changes in greater depth.

Mindful Eating Workshop - Many people have shared with us how this workshop has helped to change their behaviors with food and eating.  It is designed for overeaters who could use benefit from more conscious eating.  Pre-payment and registration available to reserve a place.