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A personal note from Sandee Nebel

Sandee Nebel, MS,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Our team is expanding! Liz and I are pleased to welcome two new registered interns to the White Picket Fence Counseling Center, LLC:


Tara Harvill, MA, is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Meredith Hirshhorn, MA, is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. Tara and Meredith will be co-facilitating some of our groups and workshops, and we will be adding their bios to the website soon at


And we can't forget to mention Joe Bruner, B.S., Business Development Coordinator. If you've called the office, chances are you've spoken to Joe on the phone. He has also been working behind the scenes as our liaison in the medical and mental health community, helping to spread the word about our work.


In celebration of our team here at the White Picket Fence Counseling Center, today's feature article is a team effort. Stress seems to be the one thing almost everyone we know has in common. However, the way we all deal with stress is not typically the same for each individual. We all have our own ways of handling the stressful situations that can be part of our daily lives.  We have an endless supply of tools to share with our clients.


We think it is important to have a couple of coping strategies for stress on hand – things that you can turn to when you feel your stress level begin to rise. So we decided to present our own favorite stress management tools.


But just for fun, we're going to keep you guessing. There are tools here from Sandee, Joe, Liz, Tara and Meredith. Can you guess who contributed each tool?