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The many gifts of stillness

Where do you find your stillness?

We have so many beautiful places outside in central Florida to choose from...this photo is of Mead Gardens in Winter Park.


March is the perfect opportunity to explore stillness and all of the gifts it offers.


Understandably, there can be a lot of fear about getting quiet; it's the great mystery of the unknown. If you were to stop racing around, turn off all of the electronics, tune out the noise of the outside world and open up your mind, what would you find there?


When we're feeling troubled, being busy is like a band-aid we apply because we cannot or will not address the actual wound. Sometimes that busy-ness band-aid includes compulsive behaviors with food or other things. Getting still can feel like yanking off that protective cover, leaving us vulnerable to face a deeper truth.


Besides truth, stillness is also a place to find inspiration, clarity and new ideas. And if you have a problem you've been stewing over, a few moments of stillness can create a space for the perfect solution to form.


Stillness is where many people find a spiritual connection - connecting to their inner self and listening for intuitive guidance.