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Movie Review

Have you seen this movie yet?


People who have issues with food may also have issues with money - they're often related - as well as all of the "stuff" money can buy, otherwise known as clutter. I thought Confessions of a Shopaholic was a cute movie, very light and pleasant. But it's clear that it could potentially touch a nerve for people who have issues with shopping. Compulsive shopping is a serious problem and just as damaging as eating disorders. With the harsh taste of reality the current economy is delivering, a movie like this is a nice light approach that helps us laugh, even when we want to cry. The day after I saw it, I was in the mall, remembering a scene from the movie where store mannequins come to life and lure Rebecca into their stores. It reminded me of similar stories of pastry items dancing in display counters, and other ways that food tempts and taunts compulsive eaters.